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Open Framed, Low-SWaP, IR Camera Systems

Inspired by Sony’s block camera with an infrared system, Sierra-Olympia looks at infrared camera optics, sensors, and electronics and addresses the question ‘why are our cameras open framed’ Feature Article by Sierra Olympia
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Developer of infrared thermal imaging camera modules for drones and unmanned systems, Sierra-Olympia, has released an article entitled, “why our cameras are open framed”, which touches on Sony’s open-frame visible camera that found applications in various airborne systems, and lead the company to wonder why a similar approach couldn’t be applied to infrared cameras. 

Open Framed, Low-SWaP, IR Camera SystemsThe Ventus Compact MK II by Sierra-Olympia boasts 19-275 millimeter focal length lenses, and is an upgrade on the Ventus Compact mid-wave camera.

Sierra-Olympia has shipped over 5,000 mid-wave systems for airborne applications, and this breadth of experience has enabled the company to make cameras that are lighter, more power efficient and with added HD quality to the image.

Since UAS clients would remove camera housing to reduce unnecessary weight, Sierra-Olympia purposefully do not put a housing around cameras for UAS integrated systems. The company often works with integrators to install cameras into stabilized gimbal systems, which acts as a housing itself.

Find out more about this unique approach to integrated IR systems in the article:
“Why Our Cameras are Open Framed”

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