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Cooling Strategies for VPX & SOSA Systems

LCR Embedded Systems has explored thermal management strategies for VPX and SOSA aligned systems, addressing chassis and module design considerations to mitigate internal cooling Feature Article by LCR Embedded Systems
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Developers of integrated systems, chassis and backplanes, LCR Embedded Systems has released an article titled “Thermal Management Challenges in SOSA Systems”, detailing how traditional methods of system cooling are challenged in ensuring failsafe operation within critical C5ISR applications.

Cooling Strategies for VPX & SOSA SystemsThe company explores how increasing data rates and processing speeds, brought about by new high speed sensor and computing equipment used in defense scenarios, is pushing the thermal limits in 3U VPX and SOSA aligned systems.

LCR Embedded Systems disclose that, since the introduction of VPX systems, the internal heat generated by systems has multiplied. This includes high speed FPGA and CPU 3U modules, required for advanced RF / EW / SIGNINT applications, topping out at nearly 200W TDP (total dissipated power) at full rate due to the higher data rates.

This has led to critical challenges regarding thermal management. In the full article, the company discuss internal cooling methods for SOSA systems, covering:

  • Design Considerations
  • Module Design
  • Chassis Design
  • Mixed Module Support – 48.2, 48.4, 48.8
  • New Chassis Design Options

LCR Embedded Systems is addressing the challenges associated with internal cooling in VPX and SOSA aligned systems by exploring chassis development considerations, as higher power 3U VPX modules become ever more widely used.

Read the full article, or find out more at LCR Embedded Systems’ website.

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