Linear Servo Actuators - Servo Cylinder Actuators for Drones, USVs and Subsea Underwater Vehicles
T-Series Rotary Actuators Rotary servo actuators for drones & robotics
T-Series Rotary Actuators

Rotary servo actuators for drones & robotics

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T-Series Rotary Actuators

Ultra Motion's T-Series of rotary servo actuators combines a high-power density BLDC motor with integrated control electronics and contactless absolute position feedback to generate high torque for demanding and dynamic drone and unmanned systems applications. The actuator design features unique gearing that allows it to withstand high transient loads with much lower susceptibility to structural failure.

The robust and compact IP67-rated actuators are housed in hardcoat anodized aluminum housings with excellent EMI protection. They are ideal for a wide variety of drone and robotics applications, including UAV control and actuation, and USV rudder control and payload deployment. Pressure compensated oil-filled options are available for UUVs and subsea vehicles.


Allowable Rotation 360° electronically limited
Continuous rotation modes possible
No-Load Speed (@ 28 VDC) 500o/sec peak
310o/sec continuous
Continuous Torque 108 in-lbf
Intermittent Torque 132 in-lbf
Peak Static Holding Torque 172 in-lbf
Unpowered Backdrive Torque 10 in-lbf
Nominal Backlash 0.6o