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CRH03 Compact High-performance MEMS Gyro

Compact High-performance MEMS Gyro

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A single axis gyroscope, providing outstanding stability with low noise.

The unit has comparable bias characteristics to FOG (fibre-optic gyros) and DTG (dynamically-tuned gyros), and is available in five dynamic ranges. The new CRH03 offers uprated performance over the highly successful, previous generation CRH02 gyro due to improvements in both MEMS and electronics.

CRH03-010 CRH03-025 CRH03-100 CRH03-200 CRH03-400
Dimensions 47 x 33.5 x 25.4 mm (housed)
29 x 24 x 17.4 mm (OEM)
Analogue Dynamic Range ±10°/s ±25°/s ±100°/s ±200°/s ±400°/s
Bias Setting Error ±10mV ±10mV ±10mV ±10mV ±10mV
Scale Factor Setting Error ±0.17% ±0.17% ±0.17% ±0.17% ±0.17%
Bias over Temperature ±0.1 ̊/sec ±0.1 ̊/sec ±0.15 ̊/sec ±0.15 ̊/sec ±0.15 ̊/sec
Bias Instability 0.03°/hr 0.04°/hr 0.04°/hr 0.05°/hr 0.1°/hr
Bandwidth (nominal) 50 Hz 50 Hz 100 Hz 100 Hz 100 Hz
Supply Voltage 5V 5V 5V 5V 5V
Current Consumption 30 mA 30 mA 30 mA 30 mA 30 mA