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MILSAR SAR/MTI Radar Moving Target Indication & Synthetic Aperture Radar for UAV Surveillance

Moving Target Indication & Synthetic Aperture Radar for UAV Surveillance

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MILSAR SAR/MTI Radar is designed to be used on airborne platforms for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, deterrence, and attack operations. It has versatile Moving Target Indication (MTI) for detection and tracking of potential targets and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) modes for high resolution and all weather radar imagery, target classification and ground mapping. MILSAR detects and tracks potential targets either low speed small size or fast moving objects even in adverse weather and low visibility conditions including cloud and fog.

MILSAR SAR/MTI Radar could be operated on unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), helicopters and fixed wing aircraft along with its easy installation feature. This high technology radar system has the same form-fit mechanical interfaces as standard 15” EO/IR sensor turret to be readily replaced with an EO/IR sensor. In this way, either EO/IR sensor or MILSAR SAR/MTI Radar system can be used according to mission requirements for tactical UAVs which cannot carry both of them together.

SAR features come with Stripmap and Spotlight sub-modes which enable high resolution, long range imaging even in low visibility, over-the-cloud surveillance operations in day or night. Radar plots and tracks are displayed on a geo-referenced plan-position display or can be overlaid on digital map. Selected target’s range-bearing and course-speed parameters are instantly displayed on operator’s console.

Stripmap mode provides real-time, accurate ground mapping and radar imaging in sub-metric spatial resolution, and is used for wide area surveillance. The Spotlight mode is specialized for change detection, feature detection, identification, and classification.

Operating Frequency Ku Band
Azimuth Coverage 360°
Elevation Coverage +10° / -55°
Max.Slant Range (GMTI/SAR) 155km / 27km
Min.Slant Range (GMTI/SAR) 4 km / 4 km
SAR Resolutions 3mx3m; 1mx1m; 30cmx30cm
Operating Voltage 20-30 VDC
Average Power Consumption 600W
Weight 30kg
Dimension (radius x height) 370mmx445mm