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HPx-450 XMC radar interface card with dual-streaming capabilities

XMC radar interface card with dual-streaming capabilities

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The HPx-450 is an advanced radar acquisition card that can be connected to up to two analogue or digital radars for high-resolution data capture. The XMC Switched Mezzanine format card is compatible with VME, VPX and Compact PCI processor cards, and features a four-lane PCI Express interface providing high-speed data transfers of over 500 MB/sec.

The card supports a wide range of different radar signal types, including single-ended, differential, open-collector, and opto-isolated. Radar video, trigger and azimuth signals are accepted in the form of ACP/ARP or parallel data, and software alarms can be set for loss of triggers or azimuth data.

The flexible solution allows dual-stream functionality to be used in a number of different ways:

  • Dual sampling of one radar video at different rates – for example, higher sampling at short ranges for maximum close-in detail, and additional lower sampling across the full radar range for maximum coverage
  • Dual redundant mode – provides software-controlled automatic failover from one input channel to the other in case of loss of trigger, ACP or ARP signal
  • Dual independent mode – simultaneous and independent capture of data from two separate radars

The card is fully supported by Cambridge Pixel’s radar processing, target tracking, network distribution and radar visualization software. A comprehensive SDK is available for developers of custom applications.

The HPx-450 is engineered to support rugged military, naval and unmanned systems applications, and is available in commercial and extended temperature variants.