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HPx-346 Analogue radar to network converter

Analogue radar to network converter

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The HPx-346 is a compact unit that digitises analogue video data from radars and distributes it as UDP packets over Ethernet. Starting up in less than ten seconds and consuming less than 5W of peak power, the versatile system supports over 80 models of radar to date.

The HPx-346 accepts radar video, trigger and azimuth signals in the form of ACP/ARP pulses, and supports a wide variety of signal types and input voltages. It provides 100 MHz sampling and offers the option of lossless video compression to save bandwidth. Open standards such as ASTERIX CAT-240 are supported, allowing data to be received and decoded with no special software requirements.

The system can be configured, controlled and monitored by a convenient and intuitive browser-based interface that can be accessed from anywhere. The HPx-346 is available in standard small-form-factor enclosure, 19″ rack enclosure, and OEM card variants.