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Successful Gearbox Dyno Trials for Heavy-Lift UAS

At Eagle Technologies' facility in Virginia, Phenix Solutions has completed testing of the gearbox dynamometer for its Ultra 2XL aircraft, allowing the company to move forward into the next phase of trials By William Mackenzie / 04 Jun 2024
Successful Gearbox Dyno Trials for Heavy-Lift UAS
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Developers of Heavy-Lift UAS systems and mission equipment, Phenix Solutions has successfully completed testing of the Virginia-based engine and gearbox dynamometer (dyno) for its Ultra 2XL aircraft.

The testing was carried out at Eagle Technologies’ facility, where the gearbox was designed and manufactured. The Phenix/Eagle team used the custom designed dual eddy-current dynamometer system, housing Phenix’s SN:0001 airframe and Rolls-Royce RR300 engine, to load the gearbox for the tests. 

A series of tests were completed to prove gearbox integrity throughout the hover and flight envelope of the Ultra 2XL. All tests were completed successfully and exhibited positive margins, providing Phenix with the confidence to move into the Iron-Bird testing using the production rotor system and blades. 

Iron-Bird testing is being conducted at the Phenix facilities in McMinnville, OR and will move to the Pendleton, OR UAS Flight Range for hover and flight testing.

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