Partnership to Aid Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority

Chance Maritime and HydroTerra are providing autonomous vehicle data collection services, aiming to deliver 670 nautical miles of bathymetric data to the Louisiana CPRA By Abi Wylie / 24 Jun 2024
Partnership to Aid Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority
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Chance Maritime Technologies has provided autonomous vehicle data collection services for HydroTerra Technologies, aiming to deliver 670 nautical miles of bathymetric data to the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA).

Chance Maritime Technologies utilized their MC-29 uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) to conduct their entire survey block without refueling. With its highly efficient dual engines, the MC-29 operated continuously 24 hours a day to efficiently collect data with a minimal carbon footprint. 

The survey was located in a shallow, remote, and weather-exposed coastline. Typical depths ranged from 3 to 20 feet, and the vessel persevered in a variety of sea states and squalls, continuing to collect clean data through choppy 5 foot seas.

The MC-29 was outfitted with a bathymetric transducer, differential GPS, and profiling sound velocity probe to conduct the survey. The vessel itself has active roll stabilization which ensured high quality data collection in a variety of sea states.

The Louisiana CPRA’s mandate is to “develop, implement, and enforce a comprehensive coastal protection and restoration Master Plan.” Data collected by the MC-29 and processed by HydroTerra will inform coastal restoration efforts in the State of Louisiana.

The MC-29 is available for commercial service and is also available through current NOAA contract vehicles for hydrographic survey, meteorological data collection, fisheries monitoring, underwater exploration, marine construction, and many more applications. Chance Maritime Technologies assists with integrating payloads into the flexible MC-29 uncrewed platform.

Mike Nitska, a lead Hydrographer at HydroTerra Technologies, said; “We are pleased to acknowledge Chance Maritime for meeting and exceeding our expectations on completing 670 miles of bathymetric surveys for CPRA. 

“Their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and dedication to timely completion have significantly contributed to the success of the project. We commend Chance Maritime for their exceptional performance and look forward to continuing our partnership in future endeavors.”

Stuart Chance, CEO of Chance Maritime Technologies, said; “It was a pleasure working with HydroTerra on this project to provide quality data for CPRA. Use of the MC-29 illustrates a great case study on using a high-power, long endurance USV to dramatically increase the rate of data collection in a logistically challenging environment.”

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