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New TrellisWare-Powered 360° Tactical Cameras Released

The new camera systems integrate TrellisWare's Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) radio modules into Bounce Imaging's 360° tactical cameras for a longer-range situational awareness solution By Joe Macey / 20 Jun 2024
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Bounce Imaging has released two new tactical 360° camera systems featuring TrellisWare Technologies Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET).

The integration of TrellisWare’s MANET radio modules into Bounce Imaging’s 360° tactical cameras delivers a longer-range and more inter-operable situational awareness solution. 

By integrating Bounce Imaging’s Recce360TW throwable camera and its Land Shark TW K9 camera with TrellisWare’s robust TW-650 TSM Shadow® Core Board Module, operators can continue to leverage the combat-proven cameras to maintain situational awareness, now with enhanced resilience against electronic warfare.

The incorporation of this communication pathway facilitates seamless collaboration with other unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) platforms as a long-range payload. Deployable by tossing, tethering, or mounting, warfighters can evaluate environmental circumstances from all angles simultaneously before engaging.

Mark Fargason, Bounce Imaging COO, said; “We’re proud to offer cutting-edge tools that easily fit into an operator’s drop pouch, rapidly deploy in even the most contested environments and deliver crucial context on field conditions directly to ATAK devices, supporting our servicemen with the decision quality necessary to execute successful operations.

“We remain committed to delivering systems at low cost and high inter-operability with existing platforms like TrellisWare to provide intelligence that keeps soldiers safer.”

George Roesch, Director of Global SOF for TrellisWare, said; “TrellisWare is proud to team with Bounce Imaging on the integration of our TW-650 TSM Shadow Core Board Module into their Recce360 TW Ball camera system.

“The Recce 360 TW Ball is one of the most unique solutions to leverage our TSM® waveform to deliver a highly impactful capability to our combined users. It is great to have Bounce Imaging join the powerful TSM Ecosystem.”

In addition to the above contracts, the company has also recently delivered its first shipment of TrellisWare-enabled K9 cameras to one of several NATO allies pursuing Bounce Imaging technology deployments, and its cameras are in active use by U.S. partners in conflict zones.

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