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Partnership Formed to Advance Maritime Robotics Understanding

Greenroom Robotics and Bureau Veritas’ new MoU aims to promote the understanding of maritime robotics, autonomous navigation, situational awareness, and operations management By Abi Wylie / 15 May 2024
Partnership Formed to Advance Maritime Robotics Understanding
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Greenroom Robotics, an Australian-based provider of maritime robotics and autonomous solutions, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bureau Veritas. 

The agreement formalizes a strengthened partnership aimed at promoting and advancing the understanding of maritime robotics, situational awareness, autonomous navigation, and operations management.

With maritime robotics and autonomy rapidly evolving across various industries, the collaboration leverages the expertise of Greenroom Robotics in this field, coupled with Bureau Veritas’ extensive experience in global maritime regulations and classifications, setting the stage for pioneering advancements in the sector. 

Beyond its classification services, Bureau Veritas also contributes its expertise on world-best practices and innovative insights on autonomy, facilitating the Greenroom solutions to achieve the global top standard.

The maritime industry stands on the cusp of a technological revolution, with autonomous systems expected to redefine safety, efficiency, and sustainability in maritime operations. 

Recognizing this potential, Bureau Veritas and Greenroom Robotics are committed to harnessing their respective strengths to foster innovation and establish new benchmarks in maritime autonomy, leading and supporting the industry during this transformative journey.

Harry Hubbert, Director and Chief Technology Officer at Greenroom Robotics, said; “Greenroom is on a mission to transform maritime industries through the ethical application of robotics and AI, and we are excited to be able to work closer with the world-class and innovative team at Bureau Veritas. 

“Maritime technology is rapidly advancing and has the potential to improve the safety, environmental protection, and economic value of maritime operations. Technology is only part of the solution; regulatory compliance, human factors, and social license are critically important to adoption, and we are excited to be working closer with Bureau Veritas to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive solution to our partners and customers.”

Eric Radford, Business Director for Australia, New Zealand, and PNG at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, said; “This is a significant partnership with Greenroom Robotics as we navigate the shifting tides of the maritime industry. With the world rapidly digitizing, maritime robotics and autonomy are crucial for the industry in meeting decarbonization targets and achieving significant safety and efficiency gains. 

“Bureau Veritas is proud to support these innovative efforts by helping ensure that the Greenroom solutions adhere to rigorous quality and safety standards. This collaboration reaffirms our dedication to delivering excellence while spearheading advancements that shape a better maritime world.”

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