New Underwater ROVs for Norwegian Coast Guard

Blueye Robotics’ Blueye X3 ROVs will be used on the mother ship and man overboard boats for a range of purposes such as environmental crime prevention, inspections, search and rescue missions, and more By Caroline Rees / 20 Apr 2023
The Blueye X3 ROV with one of the Coast Guards vessels at Svalbard
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Blueye Robotics is supplying the Norwegian Coast Guard with underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), with sensors and payloads such as DVL for underwater positioning, a dual-frequency multi-beam sonar for navigation and extended line-of-sight, and a gripper.

The Blueye X3 ROV

Blueye Robotics has equipped the entire fleet of Coast Guard vessels operated by the Norwegian Coast Guard with its Blueye X3 model, which was launched in 2021. The ROVs will provide the Norwegian Coast Guard’s Diving Team with more eyes below the surface in addition to improving navigation and data collection capabilities.

Under this contract, the Blueye X3 ROV will be used by the mother ship and from man overboard boats for several use cases, including: 

  • Securing evidence of an environmental crime
  • Searching for drugs or other objects on ship hulls
  • Searching for missing people
  • Inspection of own vessels prior to leaving harbor (searching for unwanted objects)
  • Control of historical monuments at sea
  • Inspections of ships after suspected grounding
  • Substitute for simple dive operations
The Blueye X3 ROV diving in the water surface at Svalbard
The Blueye X3 ROV diving in the water surface at Svalbard. Photo: The Norwegian Coast Guard

According to the Norwegian Coast Guard, it chose Blueye Robotics’ ROV solution due to its superior ease of use, sensor modularity capabilities, robustness in extreme environments, ability to operate from 2+ ft. of water to open ocean, portability (9kg weight), and battery capacity (4 hours of operational time). The possibility to easily create dive reports directly in the Blueye App was also reported as a winning feature.

In addition to delivering the hardware, Blueye Robotics has provided on-site training and access to an online help center library of articles and videos.

“Blueye Robotics has developed portable, robust, and user-friendly technology since 2015. We are incredibly proud to be the chosen partner for the Norwegian Coast Guard,” said Christian Gabrielsen, CEO of Blueye Robotics. “This demonstrates a demand for smaller-sized user-friendly ROVs and fuels the Blueye Robotics team to keep developing high-quality products and solutions for our growing base of customers.”

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