gNext-Skydio Cloud Integration Released

gNext and Skydio have partnered to enable automatic upload of inspection drone flight media to the gNext platform, via the Skydio Cloud, without relying on manual uploads By Sarah Simpson / 06 Apr 2023
gNext-Skydio Cloud Integration Released
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gNext Labs, one of the fastest emerging infrastructure inspection platforms globally, has announced the release of the gNext-Skydio cloud integration, providing customers with streamlined access to their drone data in gNext’s proprietary platform, improving the speed and efficacy of infrastructure inspections.

With the integration, gNext and Skydio Cloud enterprise customers can now upload and manage their flight media using Skydio Media Sync over Wi-Fi. Customers can simply plug the drone into power, and it will automatically upload its data to the Skydio Cloud, allowing teams to store, search, and share it across the organization.

This integration leverages the Skydio Cloud API to enable automated media transfer between the Skydio Cloud and the gNext Cloud platform, providing a streamlined process for data analysis while eliminating the need for manual uploads. As an end-to-end solution, flight-collected media will become easily available on the gNext platform, saving time, and avoiding the hassle of SD cards and manual processes.

How it works

gNext’s Skydio Sync feature automatically imports imagery from the Skydio Cloud. Users can simply check the boxes corresponding to the 3D Scans they’d like to upload to their project, saving hours from the data managing workflow process.

Figure 1: gNext’s Skydio Sync feature

Figure 2: Bridge Inspection using data collected with Skydio and visualized in gNext.

After the 3D Scan has been imported to their gNext project, the data processing pipeline automatically kicks in and the platform emails them once it’s ready.

Speaking of the integration Russ Ellis, gNext President said; “We are excited to partner with Skydio to support our mutual enterprise customers with this cloud-to-cloud integration. With this connectivity, we are creating seamless integration to allow field collected data to be uploaded for automatic processing in our leading infrastructure inspection platform to deliver improved workflows,”.

Gagan Kanwar, Head of Technical Integrations & Developer Ecosystems at Skydio commented; “Skydio’s US-made, autonomous-drones are incredibly powerful at capturing imagery for asset, site or infrastructure inspections. With this new partnership and API integration, Skydio and gNext will significantly improve inspection speed and quality, enabling customers to lower costs and enhance decision making,”.

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