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Hydrographic Surveying with ADCP and Echosounder-Equipped USVs

By Mike Ball / 15 Sep 2021
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CHC Navigation has released a case study detailing how its Apache 4 USV (unmanned surface vessel), equipped with a single-beam echo sounder and ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler), can be used to carry out autonomous hydrographic surveys.

Read the full case study on CHC Navigation’s website

The case study covers:

  • Issues with traditional survey methods
  • How combining the ADCP with a single beam echo sounder can make up for the loss of the ADCP’s bottom and compass tracking data under severe environmental conditions
  • The use of AutoPlanner software to plot the round-trip route followed autonomously by the APACHE 4 USV while collecting depth and flow data
  • Details of the data collected

The Apache 4 USV solves a range of problems common in hydrological surveys, such as low navigation and measurement accuracy, short data transmission distance, and low efficiency. To find out more, read the full case study on CHC Navigation’s website.

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