Velodyne Lidar Sensors Selected for Autonomous Delivery Trucks

By Mike Ball / 20 Apr 2021
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Autonomous delivery truck with Velodyne LiDAR

Velodyne Lidar has entered into an agreement with transport automation firm Gatik to provide LiDAR sensors for a middle-mile transportation network that delivers goods safely and efficiently between micro-fulfilment centers, dark stores and retail locations. The Alpha Prime and Ultra Puck lidar sensors will be used to provide a short-haul logistics with precise, reliable navigation for real-time autonomous operations.

Gatik operates a fleet of trucks, equipped with multi-temperature compartments, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, on routes up to 300 miles in multiple markets across North America. The service helps retailers meet consumer demand for rapid delivery of goods driven by soaring e-commerce growth, increases road safety for all road users and helps fulfil an unprecedented expectation for contactless delivery.

The Alpha Prime and Ultra Puck sensors use Velodyne’s patented 3D surround view technology to provide the real-time object detection and tracking needed for safe navigation and reliable operation at a variety of speeds. The sensors’ excellent range, accuracy and resolution make them ideal for autonomous logistics services, facilitating safe travel night and day in a range of road conditions such as rain, sleet and snow.

Arjun Narang, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Gatik, commented: “Velodyne’s sensor solutions have the proven performance, reliability and resilience our AVs need to operate safely and efficiently in complex urban operational design domains. We’re excited to be rapidly scaling our autonomous solution with the support of Velodyne’s industry-leading lidar technology.”

Anand Gopalan, Chief Executive Officer at Velodyne Lidar, said: “Gatik is bringing autonomous delivery into the mainstream and creating significant efficiencies in supply chain logistics for retailers. It may be an eye-opener for many people to learn that Gatik’s AVs using Velodyne’s sensors were likely involved in delivering some of the goods they are using in their homes. They are demonstrating how Velodyne sensors help AVs provide efficient and safe movement of goods.”

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