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Featured Article: “Forging Inertial Synergy with Quartz MEMS and Fiber Optics”

By Caroline Rees / 16 Dec 2020
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EMCORE Corporation, a leading provider of advanced mixed-signal products that serve the aerospace & defense and broadband communications markets, is featured in an article titled “Forging Inertial Synergy with Quartz MEMS and Fiber Optics” in the December issue of Inside GNSS. The article discusses how EMCORE’s dual offering of its Quartz MEMS (Quartz Micro-Electromechanical Systems) technology, from its acquisition of Systron Donner Inertial in 2019, and its FOG (Fiber Optic Gyroscope) technology deliver synergistic solutions across a broad range of tactical- and navigation-grade applications.

“Forging Inertial Synergy with Quartz MEMS and Fiber Optics” highlights how EMCORE hits high-performance benchmarks at low CSWaP (Cost, Size, Weight and Power), and that the flexibility and versatility of the Company’s products provide solutions for a very wide range of commercial and defense application environments from weapon systems to AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference Systems), UAVs (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles), and more.

Inside GNSS explains how Quartz MEMS (QMEMS) technology is particularly well suited as a micromachining substrate for inertial sensors, resulting in a mature and proven product line with superior performance under environmental stress compared to legacy open-loop FOGs and ring-laser gyros (RLGs) as well as better performance under shock, vibration and temperature than competing options such as silicon MEMS.

Reviewing EMCORE’s FOG technology, Inside GNSS discusses how the Company’s patented IOC (Integrated Optical Circuit) transceiver enables unique closed-loop designs of very high bandwidth and accuracy for short-term to full navigation-grade applications requiring higher accuracy than QMEMS gyros. EMCORE’s closed loop FOG technology is capable of navigation grade accuracy of <0.001°/hr in-run bias. EMCORE has leveraged this advanced FOG technology in its EN-300 precision FOG IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) which can offer up to 10 times the performance of the legacy IMUs it is designed to replace.

EMCORE is one of very few companies in the world capable of producing both gyros and accelerometers utilizing different technologies, according to Inside GNSS. The Company has demonstrated a new QMEMS gyroscope with the potential to reach high-end navigation grade in-run bias of 0.02°/hr and it has invested in upgrades to its advanced tactical accelerometer technology that now reach low single-digit micro-g navigation-grade.

Finally, “Forging Inertial Synergy with Quartz MEMS and Fiber Optics” explores the realm of hybrid solutions where the in-run performance of next-gen QMEMS Gyroscopes or VQAs (Vibrating Quartz Accelerometers) can be integrated with a precision FOG to deliver the best of both worlds: high performance, low cost and reduced size for emerging applications and markets.

“We would like to thank Inside GNSS for their comprehensive article on the synergy and value proposition of EMCORE’s unique combination of quartz MEMS and FOG inertial navigation solutions,” said David Hoyh, EMCORE’s Director of Sales & Marketing for navigation products. “EMCORE’s innovative FOG products combined with our mature and proven Systron Donner line of QMEMS sensors allows us to tailor solutions very precisely to customer requirements,” added Mr. Hoyh.

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