High Performance FOG, RLG, and Quartz MEMS Inertial Sensors - Gyros, IRU, IMU, INS
TACNAV 3D FOG-based tactical INS for 3D navigation in all terrains

FOG-based tactical INS for 3D navigation in all terrains

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TACNAV 3D is a FOG-based tactical inertial navigation system (INS) with embedded GNSS receiver that provides assured position, navigation, and timing (A-PNT) for superior situational awareness even in GNSS-denied environments. The modular design allows the unit to function as a standalone inertial navigation solution, as well as the core of an A-PNT-capable multi-functional battlefield management system.

Based on highly accurate gyros integrated with low noise accelerometers as well as three axes of magnetometers for automatic gyro bias compensation, TACNAV 3D delivers extremely accurate heading, dead reckoning navigation, and orientation.

Optional features include a chip-scale atomic clock (CSAC)for maintaining PPS signal integrity, and an Iridium transceiver for transmitting and receiving vehicle position, waypoint, and target location to or from a command centre or other vehicles.


Dimensions (D x W x H) 148.6 x 203.2 x 101.6 mm
5.85 x 8 x 4"
Weight 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
Power Consumption 15W
Positional Accuracy With GNSS: 2-3 meters RMS
Without GNSS: ±0.2% distance travelled, typical
Heading Accuracy (dynamic) GNSS Align Heading: 0.05˚ RMS
Without GNSS: ±0.30° 1ơ
Pitch & Roll Accuracy 0.05°
Timing 1 PPS output (1µs, 5 hrs)