Article: Everything You Need to Know About INS

By Mike Ball / 18 Dec 2020
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RTK GPS aided Miniature INS by Inertial SenseInertial Sense has released an article covering essential information on inertial navigation systems (INS). These systems calculate the position of devices in relation to specific reference points or to fixed coordinates, and provide roll and pitch, heading, positions and speed for drones and robotics.

The article helps to provide an understanding of the components and processes that make up an INS for companies and designers that intend to implement these systems into their product designs. Details of INS hardware, firmware and implementation include:

  • The sensors and components that make up INS hardware, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, GPS receivers and microprocessors
  • INS form factors, including small-footprint and rugged units
  • Choosing the most cost-efficient inertial measurement units
  • Sensor fusion and Kalman filters
  • The scoping phase and implementation process
  • Inertial Sense products’ essential features for hardware, firmware and implementation
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