Open-Source Software & Hardware Released for Autonomous GNSS Applications

By Mike Ball / 25 Oct 2020
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Septentrio open-source GNSS

Septentrio has launched two new open-source resources for its GPS/GNSS module receivers. ROSaic is an ROS (Robot Operating System) driver for the company’s mosaic-X5 module as well as other Septentrio GNSS receivers. mosaicHAT is an open-source hardware reference design combining the mosaic-X5 with a Raspberry Pi single-board computer (SBC). Both projects are designed to facilitate the integration of centimeter-level reliable positioning into autonomous drones and robotic platforms.

ROSaic driver operates on ROS, a programming environment popular within the industry and academia that is commonly used for integrating robot technology and developing advanced robotics and autonomous systems. ROS allows data from a variety of sensors to be combined, enabling high levels of autonomy.

The mosaicHAT project provides a hardware solution for accurate and reliable GNSS positioning for robotics and automation, making it easy for integrators to develop with Septentrio’s mosaic-X5 GNSS module. Interfacing mosaicHAT with a compatible Raspberry Pi provides access to high-accuracy positioning with a high update rate, ideal for the development of autonomous navigation systems. The small 56×65 mm board allows convenient access to basic interfaces such as USB, serial, and general-purpose communication pins. The reference design, footprint and documentation are available for board printing or further customization.

Gustavo Lopez, Market Access Manager at Septentrio, commented: “We are excited about both the ROSaic driver and the mosaicHAT being part of the GitHub community and we highly appreciate the initial authors work as well as the future contributors. Both projects are available as open source, thus empowering the community to easily fit autonomous or robotic systems with highly accurate and reliable GNSS positioning technology.”

The ROSaic driver is available on the ROS wiki page and on the Septentrio GitHub repository while the mosaicHAT can be found on this GitHub repository.

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