Utility Drones Adapted for Pandemic Services

By Mike Ball / 09 Apr 2020
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Union Robotics Meadowhawk drone

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Union Robotics is actively promoting engagement between manufacturers of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and entities seeking solutions to logistical problems posed by social distancing. The outbreak has seen an increase in the awareness of the utility of drones for a wide range of applications and industries, particularly where reduction in human-to-human contact is critical.

Union Robotics’ flagship drone, the Meadowhawk DE, is built from ASTM F711-rated dielectric material, and is the result of two years’ field research working with electric companies, helicopter utility pilots and UAV utility inspection contractors. With modifications, the UAV could be turned into an ideal platform for small cargo delivery and other useful applications.

Ezekiel Bierschank, Union Robotics CEO, commented: “Our drones were initially developed as industrial aids for energy companies. But their basic, out-of-the-box capabilities are conducive to a wide range of uses, and we also offer adaptive engineering services that can provide even more individualization. Our flagship model, the Meadowhawk, offers a release hook that can be utilized for delivery of items; this is a useful mechanism for transporting materials while minimizing human contact, and could be valuable for a number of entities where social distancing is crucial.”

“News feeds are filled right now with stories about drone applications being enacted around the world, due to the limits on day-to-day business that social distancing has posed, and we want to encourage business owners to contact us if they believe robotics could enhance safety in their operations, and make it possible to continue doing business during this time of quarantine and lockdown. For the economy to go forward, companies have to survive, and thrive, if possible. We believe that robotic solutions are part of the answer.”

Union Robotics products are manufactured in the U.S., and every precaution is being taken to ensure that shipments are being handled and packaged safely.

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