Royal Navy to Discuss Future Robotics at Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology 2019

By Sarah Simpson / 16 Apr 2019
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The Royal Navy will be presenting on their latest developments at the Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology conference in London next month.

An investment worth £75 million has been confirmed for new Royal Navy technology, including robots and autonomous mine-hunters. The funds will be spent on a new joint military and industry hi-tech accelerator, NavyX, and two new autonomous mine-hunter vessels with cutting-edge sonars. These will enable remote mine-hunting in the Gulf at a higher range, speed and accuracy. Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson announced that this investment will create new capabilities across the Royal Navy, making sure that our warfighters have the very best cutting-edge technology.

With this in mind, the 3rd annual Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology conference, taking place in London on the 8th and 9th May 2019, will feature key speakers from the Royal Navy on this step forward to excelling ahead of near peer adversaries in the unmanned maritime domain.

Featured speakers from the Royal Navy include:

Commodore Mike Knott
Assistant Chief of Staff Maritime Capability will be presenting ‘Unmanned and Autonomous Systems and the Future of Royal Navy Capabilities and Power Projection’, focusing on:

  • Evolving with the changing nature of naval warfare, addressing complex new threats and developing effective technology and strategies to counter these threats
  • Autonomy as a force multiplier: Extending the Royal Navy’s global reach and operational capacity
  • Integrating unmanned systems into the surface fleet, and increasing the use of unmanned systems in traditional naval operations
  • The role of autonomous systems in the carrier strike group, and the potential for UAVs to revolutionise carrier operations
  • Maintaining Royal Navy thought leadership in an increasingly information and technology driven world

Commander Sean Trevethan
Fleet Robotics Officer will be presenting on ‘Delivering the Next Generation of Royal Navy Assets to Enable Effective Operational Capability into the 21st Century’, focusing on:

  • Future plans for robotic and autonomous development after the Royal Navy’s Unmanned Warrior exercises
  • Identifying operational shortfalls in order to plan effectively for future unmanned capabilities
  • Key trends in unmanned technology – considering the design, functions and capabilities of autonomous systems to ensure they meet the mission demands of the future
  • Maximising operational effectiveness by integrating unmanned surface vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles, and UAV’s into one network

Captain Gary Hesling
Captain HM/Hydrographer of the Navy will be presenting on ‘Integrating Unmanned and Autonomous Systems for More Effective Hydrography in Support of Royal Navy Activities’, focusing on:

  • The growing role of unmanned systems in hydrographic missions, contributing geospatial data in support of RN operations
  • Leveraging unmanned surface vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles transform mapping, surveying, and other hydrographic activities
  • Harnessing data and sensor fusion to aid ship navigation and increasing RN operational effectiveness

Register here for Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology 2019 and download the full agenda and speaker line-up.

Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology
8th and 9th May 2019
Holiday Inn Kensington Forum
London, United Kingdom

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