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Elistair Unveils Next-Generation Tethered UAS

By Mike Ball / 06 Mar 2018
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Elistair Orion Tethered UAV

Elistair has announced the launch of Orion, the company’s next generation of tethered drone systems. Designed for semi-persistent aerial surveillance and telecommunications needs, the Orion UAS (unmanned aerial system) is ideal for undertaking demanding missions for law enforcement, private and public safety, national security, assets protection or emergency communications and crisis management.

Elistair believes that the ability to deploy a fully automated tethered drone system as a permanent eye in the sky provides an advantage over bulky and expensive traditional solutions and offers a reduction in operating costs and staff expenses, as well as offering flexibility and a broad application scope.

Fully designed for extended flight times with an endurance of up to 10 hours or more, Orion is based on strong industrial components. It integrates Elistair’s patented micro- tether system Safe-T and ensures a secured and continuous power supply from the ground. With its high grade industrial motors and multiple redundancies including autopilot sensors, motorization, power distribution, logical controls, and an emergency parachute system, Orion has been engineered to endure extensive flight times in demanding environments. The structure of the aircraft is designed to sustain fierce winds with a maximum stability for its size-factor.

The system’s day and night surveillance camera combines state of the art gimbal stabilization and crystal- clear imagery with low latencies. With its X30 optical zoom, Orion can detect a moving person over kilometers. Using both the Safe-T micro-tether with high-speed and interference-free data transmission technology, and Flir and Sony industrial sensors, Orion provides a high-performance solution for persistent aerial surveillance.

Fully automated, Orion integrates redundancies and smart emergency procedures at every level, allowing users to focus on the mission and on the data, while drastically reducing the risks for human mistakes.

With its modular structure, ORION is easily carriable and deployable, and can be assembled and deployed in a few minutes.

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