OnTime Networks Introduces New Rugged Ethernet Switch with Embedded Router

By Mike Ball / 24 Oct 2017
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OnTime Networks CloudberryMIL CR-6900 Series switch

OnTime Networks has announced the expansion of its military-grade gigabit Ethernet switch and router portfolio with the new CloudberryMIL CR-6900 Series.

The new Cloudberry CR-6900 19″ 2U Series is a commercial off the shelf (COTS), fully managed Layer 2/3 Ethernet switch with an embedded Cisco 5921 Embedded Services Router (ESR) IOS and network time server capability (IEEE 1588 PTP, NTP, IRIG, 1PPS), in a rugged housing. It is specifically designed to provide reliable, high-performance connectivity for extremely demanding size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints in harsh demanding environments (e.g. high altitude, extreme shock & vibration, extended temperatures, humidity, noisy EMI, dirty power).

The CR-6900 is an ideal solution for forward-fit and retrofit applications. It provides a technology advantage for deploying data, video and voice services virtually anywhere LAN/WAN connectivity may be required, including unmanned aircraft and all kinds of land, air or sea-based unmanned vehicles. The unit offers routing speeds of up to 500 mbps for the Cisco 5921 ESR package or near full wire speeds for OnTime Networks’ own router package.

With up to 48 gigabit Ethernet and four 10 gigabit Ethernet ports, the CR-6253F2 provides a robust network routing architecture with the performance, security, quality of service (QoS), high availability and manageability typical of Cisco IOS-based technologies. The familiar Cisco IOS router software and the Cisco-like CLI interface on the switch management side minimize training requirements and provide extensive support for IPv4/IPv6 routing protocols, IP multicasting, Radio Aware Routing (RAR), Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP), remote VoIP, Firewall/IPS/IDS, Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) and Mobile IP routing for connectivity in Comms on the Move (COTM) applications.

Its modular rugged design, enclosed in a rugged 19″ 2U housing, requires no active cooling and will provide a number of connector options (RJ-45 and 38999). The unit features a military-grade power supply for aircraft (MIL-STD-704F) and ground (MIL-STD-1275D) vehicle use, as well as MIL-STD-461F EMI/EMC filtering.

Markus Schmitz, Managing Director of OnTime Networks in the U.S., stated, “The new CloudberryMIL CR-6900 Series high-performance switch/router platform has been designed from the ground up to perform in the harshest environments providing reliable connectivity for land, air and sea platforms. The CR-6900 MIL Series delivers either the Cisco 5921 ESR IOS or OnTime Networks router package with up to 48 GbE ports and 4 10GbE ports. Therefore, the CR-6900 provides the right mix of performance and scalability to meet the requirements of today’s Aerospace and Defense platforms.”

Scott Killian, Director of Sales of OnTime Networks, further commented, “In addition to the routing and switching capabilities, the CR-6900 is a high-performance network time server with both IEEE1588-2002/2008 and NTP support. This platform offers the ability to be inserted on a technology refresh, allowing new IP based systems to work seamlessly with legacy IRIG or 1PPS systems.”

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