BlueBird’s SpyLite Mini UAV Sets Communication Range Record

By Caroline Rees / 02 Apr 2015
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SpyLite Mini UAS

BlueBird Aero Systems Ltd – a leader in design, development and production of combat-proven Micro, Mini and Small tactical UAS solutions and peripheral equipment – has announced that its SpyLite Mini UAV, weighs only ~9 kg, has achieved an extraordinary communication range of 120 km, an outstanding achievement and a new world record in the Mini UAV category.

During a demonstration to an undisclosed customer, the SpyLite Mini UAS has reached the impressive range of 120 Km and stayed over the target for 40 minutes, before flying back to landing point.

To achieve that, the SpyLite, equipped with the company’s latest generation communication system, which includes a small form factor, back-packed, lightweight Ground Data Terminal (GDT) weighing only ~12 kg and a miniature Airborne Data Terminal (ADT), has reached its target of 120 Km.

Long communication range, combined with low latency, low power consumption and light weight, is one of the major challenges UAS manufactures are facing. This unprecedented accomplishment, enables BlueBird’s Mini and small tactical UAS to provide long range mission radius typically provided by much larger UAS with much larger and cumbersome communication equipment.

BlueBird’s development enables its customers greater cost effective operational flexibility and allows performing a variety of long range / long endurance operational missions such as Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Border & Coastal Control, Search & Rescue, Disaster Management, Law enforcement & Public Safety, Pipeline & Power lines Monitoring, Mapping, Precision Agriculture, Mining surveys, Etc.

According to Mr. Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero systems, “the UAS arena is growing to be a very competitive, and it is BlueBird’s commitment to meet the emerging challenges and provide our customers with cutting edge technology and unique capabilities. The capability to extend the operational range to 120Km, shall place Bluebird in a better position, when compared to other UAV systems for Military, HLS and commercial applications”.

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