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Tech Talks: Lorenz Technology – AI-Link and Hive drone solutions

Webinar Details
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  • October 7, 2020 - Available on Demand
  • In this session, Odense-based Lorenz Technology showcased its intelligent drone solutions for the security, maritime and public safety industries, which have been adopted by security companies, police and other first responders across Denmark and Germany.  

    Viewers can hear more about Lorenz Technology’s drone tech, described as user-friendly, with a quick set-up and fast deployment. It uses a cloud-based system with real-time data collection called the Lorenz Hive, which enables 24/7 monitoring, planned security patrols, inspections, and data analysis. The tech is said to be ideal for emergency response and can be monitored from locations worldwide. You will also hear about the drone-mounted Lorenz AI Link, which connects the equipment to the Hive. 

    Within the live Q&A, discussions included:   

    • How do you secure drones against cyberattacks? 
    • Do you see 4G and 5G technologies used in drones or non-drone UAVs? 
    • How many drones can be active in the “hive” at any one time? 
    • Is the use of drones beneficial to lone workers? 
    • Where do you see this technology being used? 
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