Introduction to gx\ix Tight-Coupling Technology

Realise cm-level accuracy in challenging GNSS environments, with OxTS tight-coupling technology
  • Webinar Type Scheduled
  • Date July 3, 2020
  • Time 08:15 (CST)

Realise cm-level accuracy where GNSS-based systems are challenged – with OxTS gx/ix™ tight-coupling technology.

Many environments such as urban canyons, bridges and tree cover can make it difficult for GNSS-based systems to perform, in part, due to reduced satellite visibility and signal multi-path.

Combining OxTS’ own RTK/PPK navigation processing engine, as well as a tightly coupled integration of the GNSS and IMU, gx/ix™ will allow you to survey challenging environments with confidence.

Join Sam Souliman, Senior Support Engineer at OxTS, as he examines OxTS gx/ix™ tight-coupling technology in more detail.

During the webinar you will learn:

– What gx/ix™ tight-coupling technology is
– Why you should use it
– How to get the best results from gx/ix™

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