High-Speed Bin Picking and Pick-and-Place Applications Using Collaborative Robots

Webinar Details
  • Hosted by ROBO Business Direct
  • September 7, 2021, 18:00 (UTC)
  • Collaborative Robotics Week

    There is a clear trend for the development and use of collaborative robotics systems in manufacturing and logistics environments for bin picking and pick-and-place applications. Collaborative robots are particularly well suited for the repetitive part transfer operations of loading and unloading items on a moving assembly line, especially for manufacturing environments requiring a high degree of application flexibility. So, too, with bin picking operations, an especially critical application for fulfillment providers. During this panel session, attendees will learn of the latest commercially available hardware and software technologies, along with new development and deployment and techniques, to support bin picking and pick-and-place operations using collaborative robots.

    Posted by Emma Wilden Connect & Contact