RF-Cyber based Counter-UAS Solutions for Drone Threat Detection & Mitigation

Fighting the Domestic Drone Danger – Incidents, Legislation, Technology and Tools

Webinar Details
  • Hosted by D-Fend Solutions
  • June 27, 2023 - Available on Demand
  • D-Fend Solutions hosted Dawn Zoldi (Col. USAF, retired), leading UAS and C-UAS industry speaker and author, to discuss today’s rogue drone challenges and counter-drone technology.

    In this webinar, Dawn addresses several critical topics, including:

    • Drone proliferation
    • Trends and incidents across a range of sectors and use cases
    • Current constraints: Counter-drone regulations and legislation
    • Challenges to law enforcement
    • Required enablement
    • Special challenges in civilian, urban, and sensitive environments
    • Safety and control centric counter-UAS approaches, technologies and tools

    Watch this webinar on demand to learn about the latest developments, and steps needed to minimize the risk of rogue drones.

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