21st International Air Defence Conference – Advanced Technologies for Air Superiority

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  • Hosted by Future Forces Forum
  • April 29, 2021, 08:30 (UTC)
  • 21st International Air Defence Conference

    The Air Defence Conference will offer a unique opportunity to discuss, present and display current achievement and mainly future trends and challenges on the air defence threats and solutions (sensors, effectors, C2). Event is a part of FUTURE FORCES FORUM and will now be held virtually from 29-30 April 2021.

    Air defence is very important part of air operations. New threats and technological challenges put stress on the fast development of air defence solutions. The need for quick reactions connected with new technologies like UAS or hypersonic opens top-level discussions. These new technologies require sophisticated research and development at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. This conference connects specialists and researchers from all areas of air defence (C2, sensors, effectors, tactics, techniques, and procedures).

    The conference topics are:

    • New trends in Surface/Ground Based Air Defence (SBAD, GBAD)
    • Innovative approaches in GBAD
    • C-UAS systems
    • Detection of aerial objects with small radar cross section
    • Detection of very fast (hypersonic) aerial objects
    • Tactics, techniques and procedures through the prism of new threats (C-UAS, Swarms, Hypersonic)


    You are welcome to attend and participate in the conference, even if you do not present a Paper. However, it is mandatory for all individuals to register online.


    Armed and security forces, governmental or international organisations, local authorities, public research & development and academia
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