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Whitepaper: Outsourcing UAV Autopilots

Feature Article by MicroPilot

MicroPilot has released a whitepaper explaining the factors involved in purchasing UAV autopilots from a vendor versus building them in-house. Details on how MicroPilot offers UAV manufacturers the best value are also exemplified.

Read the whitepaper on the MicroPilot website>

Key factors covered include: 

  • Micropilot Autopilot systemCosts associated with designing an original UAV autopilot plus the additional expenses needed to support its design into the future
  • The level of expertise that a UAV autopilot vendor acquires over time
  • Added bonuses that most often cannot be accomplished in-house, such as customer support, access to industry experts, and a product line covering a range of customer requirements

Follow this link to read the full whitepaper on the MicroPilot website> 

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