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Search & Rescue: Reducing Costs

Revector discusses the factors at play in the operational costs of search and rescue missions, and posits IMSI technology used on UAVs as a potential method of reducing these costs Feature Article by Revector
Search & Rescue: Reducing Costs
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Revector understands that saving lives as quickly and efficiently as possible is the most important part of search and rescue operations, while also acknowledging that rescue helicopters have high operational costs. Read more >>

The list of expenses that comes with deploying a rescue helicopter is high on a good day, with mission type, crew expenses, maintenance costs, and insurance all playing a part. The length of the search is the most important factor, and on days when helicopter flights go out and don’t find anyone, it increases both the search length and the cost.

In the full article, Revector puts forward the option to use IMSI cell phone locators, going into detail about their benefits and cost-saving capabilities. These mimic cell phone base stations, enabling mobile GSM devices to act as vital rescue beacons and providing enough important information for rescue teams to successfully locate lost or injured individuals.

This would minimise needless helicopter flights, thus reducing costs, and guide relevant skilled rescue teams and personnel to the area for quick extraction or provide required medical treatment onsite. Not only is this a faster and cheaper rescue for the victims, but it also reduces unnecessary risks to search and rescue personnel.

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