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Revector: Protecting & Monitoring Critical Infrastructure

Revector outlines the difficulties associated with crucial asset protection and monitoring, recommending autonomous aerial security measures when ground or human options are not feasible Feature Article by Revector
Revector: Protecting & Monitoring Critical Infrastructure
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Revector understands that asset protection and security monitoring is essential in an array of countries around the world, with these pieces of critical infrastructure often requiring 24-hour surveillance. Read more >>

This becomes vastly more difficult when taking into account the large expanses of land in many of these countries, not to mention its potentially remote nature, extreme terrain and weather, and apparently impenetrable vegetation.

The rich natural resources in such areas all but guarantees the presence of vital infrastructure, including oil pipelines, power stations, country borders, nature reserves, and mining operations, in these difficult regions. When coupled with the varied geopolitical environments of many countries, constant security monitoring is necessary.

Attempting to effectively control and monitor these operations at ground level is impractical due to their sheer size, unless those involved are willing to use a vast quantity of resources to do so. Likewise, harsh climates in many regions could prevent human teams from carrying out surveillance and protection protocols.

However, without proper maintenance and protection systems in place, key infrastructure is at risk of financial loss, safety and climate risks like pollution from compromised pipelines. If the ground or water supply becomes contaminated, or a supply of electricity goes down, it could have serious ramifications for the region or country as a whole, as can effects from major physical damage or delays caused by geopolitical challenges like piracy and terrorism.

In cases where terrain, geographic, weather, geopolitical factors result in human surveillance becoming unviable, wide-area coverage remote monitoring is a necessity. Drone or UAV and autonomous operations are well suited to such situations.

To get an early warning of movement of groups or individuals, Revector Detector UAV payload Cellphone Locator tracks mobile devices with a sim card. This enables the detection of suspicious or threatening activity that could point to criminal activity. 

Autonomous aerial vehicles such as a quad copters, fixed wing drones, VTOL UAVs, or even a microlight, are idea solutions to the issues outlined above. These, as well as an Advanced High Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC), can all adequately carry Revector’s UAV payload Cellphone locator.

This also creates opportunities to use other equipment, including thermal, night vision and IR cameras, and others sensors. This enables effective surveillance and security, providing advanced intelligence and, as a result, adequately protecting critical infrastructure by identifying threats early.

In comparison to the damage and financial loss that could be incurred from theft or environmental issues, the cost of a UAV with IR cameras, Cellphone locators and other relevant sensors are insignificant.

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