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Project to use High-Altitude Balloon to Launch Glider

Ground Control is providing its RockBLOCK global satellite connectivity solution to LOHAN, a project aiming to launch a glider from a high-altitude balloon at the edge of space Feature Article by Ground Control
Project to use High-Altitude Balloon to Launch Glider
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Ground Control is involved in LOHAN, a project that aims to launch a glider using a high-altitude balloon, releasing the vessel at the edge of space and having it navigate down to a designated landing zone. To do this, however, a method of communication is required. Read more >>

If GPRS coverage is lost, the project LOHAN team would be unable to communicate with the glider, and in the event that the balloon needed to be cut down for an emergency, such as the balloon travelling off-course, the authorities would be at a disadvantage.

In the full article, Ground Control outlines how their RockBLOCK can transmit GPS data out of range of standard mobile networks, incorporating communications from Iridium’s global satellite network. RockBLOCK also enables the reception of commands from the ground, allowing the team to abort or self-destruct the mission using their API.

LOHAN Components:

  • RockBLOCK naked unit
  • Arduino Mini Pro 3.3V 8MHz
  • 5V regulator
  • AAA battery holder
  • Four Energizer lithium AAAs
  • MOSFET to fire the release
  • Cable with JST connector to connect to cut-down
  • The LOHAN Spacecraft

The team plan to launch a rocket-powered Vulture 2 spaceplane from under a helium balloon and ask it to guide itself back to terra firma using an onboard autopilot system.

Read the full article, or find more information about RockBLOCK and LOHAN on the Ground Control website.

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