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Delivering Critical Media Care Via Drone

Ground Control’s RockBLOCK compact satellite IoT device is being used in drones for the delivery of prescriptions for Boots Pharmacy, and chemotherapy doses to cancer patients Feature Article by Ground Control
Delivering Critical Media Care Via Drone
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The RockBLOCK 9603 from Ground Control is the smallest and lightest of the company’s IoT devices, and has been integrated into Skylift UAV drones for two medical projects. Read more >>

Apian, a medical UAV startup founded by a team of doctors from the NHS, have engaged Skylift to work on two projects with them: delivery of chemotherapy doses to cancer patients, and a prescription delivery pilot for Boots Pharmacy.

Ground Control outlines that these initiatives aim to reduce chemotherapy drug waste and find efficiencies in prescription delivery. Further to this, the full article delves into how drones are delivering medicines, and what is next with regard to drone deliveries becoming possible over large distances to extremely remote areas.

This would mean, for instance, that emergency or essential medical supplies could reach vulnerable people who are at high risk if they travel, while also reducing the risk of medicines expiring because the ease and speed of distribution is greater, and far less subject to disruption. Furthermore, machine-to-machine deliveries mitigate the risk of transmitting infection diseases.

For all this to be possible, the drones require reliable communications, both to prevent the delay or deprivation of treatment to those who need it, but also to reduce loss or waste of expensive medicines.   

Toby Moores, CEO of Skylift, said; “For us, the key benefit of the RockBLOCK 9603 is reliability. We don’t need to worry about what’s over the horizon – we know we’ll be able to communicate with our drones. It’s an essential part of our dual-redundancy system, and has never let us down.”

Read the full article, or visit the Ground Control website for more information.

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