Unmanned Aerial Target Systems: Multi-Rotor and Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Targets for C-sUAS Training

Counter-sUAS Target Drones: UST talks with Boresight

Feature Article with Oliver Price at Boresight Targets

UST (unmannedsystemstechnology.com) sat down with Oliver Price at Boresight Targets to discuss the provision of reliable and repeatable training against both current and future drone threats. As a leading developer of Counter-sUAS targets, Boresight specialize in purpose-built aerial target systems, designed alongside defense experts, to provide efficient, effective and economical C-sUAS training.

Boresight provides cost effective multirotor and fixed-wing target drones for C-sUAS training and testing, can you tell us more about why this is so vital ?

Raider Quadcopter – Aerial Target System

Raider Quadcopter – Aerial Target System

Small-Uncrewed Aerial Systems (sUAS) commonly referred to as “drones” have become the hot topic of modern conflicts, with both state and non-state entities employing them. Because of the cost effectiveness and accessibility, small drones have become widespread, resulting in modern warfare gaining a new dynamic and volatility. Drone proliferation has meant that even unsophisticated adversaries are able to use sUAS for Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) and/or for munitions delivery. This is no longer an emerging threat – it is here and now. There are now numerous examples of adversaries weaponizing commercially available / home-made drones and launching them against ground forces, dating back to 2016 in the Middle East and now in Ukraine.

Training against the sUAS threat, and developing a defense/defeat capability, has become a top priority for militaries across the globe. In order to achieve this capability and proficiency in C-sUAS training, a purpose built and dedicated sUAS aerial target system is vital for success. This is exactly what Boresight offers to the market, a purpose-built aerial target system from the ground up with the specific goal to provide C-sUAS training programs and red-teaming services across the world. Every weapon system from a soldier’s personal rifle, through to a main battle tank, requires a specific target system, C-sUAS is no different.

Boresight unmanned aerial targets (UAT) also have swarming capabilities, can you explain the benefits of this to customers?

Target Quadcopter

Swarming Aerial Target Drones by Boresight

Swarming is definitely a “buzz-word” that is thrown around a lot within the Drone/UAS industry. To date, it has only really been seen in commercial drone light-shows and is still very much a concept not yet seen in conflict. This however does not take away from the real threat of drone swarms in conflict. As the Russia / Ukraine conflict draws out, it is only a matter of time before we see drone swarms being used.

Boresight’s UAT swarming capability allows customers to train against a sUAS drone swarm now, allowing them to be ready for the future threat. The Boresight swarming capability includes both an autonomous swarming flight capability, and the ability to conduct ad-hoc swarming flight operations utilizing the Boresight Ground Control Station (GCS).

Boresight provides its swarming capability as a services package to customers across the world, permitting the customer to focus on their training and activity outcomes, not on how to operate a target system to support their activity. If a customer was not ready or did not require a drone swarming threat, our swarming capability can be used to provide training to multiple individuals at the same time in the same training serial. Efficient, effective and economical C-sUAS training is what Boresight is all about.

As well as the targets themselves, Boresight has developed intuitive mission planning and flight management software, can you tell us more about this and how it is utilized in the field?

Boresight has developed its GCS software which facilitates our swarming capability to support both repeatable C-sUAS training and ad-hoc Red Teaming field operations. Whilst Boresight does offer Red Teaming and C-sUAS training services to customers, we understand that not all customers want or can have a third party contractor involved in sensitive or classified training activities. With this in mind, Boresight is developing its GCS software to be operated by any of our customers with minimal training required. In the future this will allow customers to conduct organic C-sUAS training using our products without Boresight staff present.

What sets Boresight apart in the field of unmanned aerial target manufacturing?

aerial target systems

Viking VTOL Target Drone by Boresight

Boresight has a background of military experience, both serving in uniform and within the military industry. Since the foundation of Boresight back in 2020, Boresight has been designed to provide a cost-effective, repeatable and reliable training solution to the C-sUAS community. This has really set Boresight apart in the field of aerial target manufacturing, by designing and developing our aerial targets from the ground up with this sole intention. Boresight has not re-purposed expensive camera or surveillance drones, we have created a unique product that is essentially the first of its kind in the world.

What plans does Boresight have for 2023 and beyond?

Boresight has many plans for 2023 and beyond, to be brief, we are establishing a US office in Huntsville, Alabama. This will be to support our current US customers and increase our presence in the US to support their extensive C-sUAS market. Boresight is continually developing our GCS software which will increase our swarming capability numbers exponentially in 2023 whilst reducing the cognitive load on the operator. Boresight is also developing more UAT’s to add to the current Raider Quadcopter and Viking VTOL UAT products.

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