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Feature Article by ComNav Technology Ltd.

ComNav Technology Ltd. has released the following article detailing 10 years of significant technical breakthroughs and commercial successes in the development of innovative GNSS positioning solutions for unmanned and autonomous applications:

The first GPS & BDS GNSS OEM Board in the world

Founded in 2012, ComNav launched the first GPS & BDS GNSS OEM Board in the world

In 2013, ComNav released K508 OEM board- full constellations and triple frequency GNSS OEM board; At the same year, based on this GNSS Platform, T300 RTK receiver and CORS receivers was launched

2014, the launch of the first generation GNSS ASIC Chip. ComNav also made proposal in the BDS B1 NH code which is accept by RTCM, and established Europe’s First BDS CORS in Belgium.

ComNav won the biggest tender of the China National CORS Project in 2015.

2016 ComNav provide GNSS technology to Top 3 Car manufacture– Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, the GNSS module was used for autonomous driving application

Next generation technology

The new generation Quantum II GNSS ASIC Chip was launched by ComNav in 2017.

In 2018, ComNav won the biggest overseas receiver tender with 1046 sets of T300 in Indonesia.

In 2019, ComNav released the new generation automated steering system AG302. Mr. Chang Wang, the CEO of ComNav Technology, attended the second Chinese-Arab States BDS Cooperation Forum in Tunisia.

New generation Quantum III GNSS ASIC chip and industry-leading K8-series GNSS OEM modules were all released in 2020, which has been subsequently integrated into many ComNav products. What’s more, ComNav was the biggest winner of Telcom HAP CORS Tender. The establishment of CORS network is applied nationwide to autonomous driving, deformation monitoring, positioning and mapping, machine control and other industries.

Reliable high-precision positioning & orientation

The N5 RTK receiver and N3 IMU RTK receiver were launched in 2021. In September of the same year, the V601AA, the latest firmware version of the K8 series module, was released, which greatly improved the reliability and availability of high-precision positioning and orientation in harsh environments.

In the appraisal of Beidou Global System High Precision Basic Product in 2021, ComNav won the first prize in the section of multi-mode multi-frequency high-precision module (global signal), and the first prize in the section of multi-mode multi-frequency high-precision antenna (global signal), as well as the second prize in multi-mode multi-frequency broadband RF chip (global signal).

Autonomous Driving & GNSS Technology

Since the successful demonstration of the world’s first “5G+L4” smart heavy truck in 2019, ComNav has continued to perfect the technology, enabling the smart heavy truck to undertake autonomous driving and cargo transportation on specific routes and complete the shipment task of 40,000 TEUs on Yangshan Port, Shanghai.

ComNav also continues to promote the integration of GNSS technology with the National Grid, with more than 260 CORS containing ComNav products built. Participating in the “5G+GNSS” project held by China Mobile Telecom, which is the largest 5G+GNSS high-precision positioning net, ComNav completed the construction of 1320 CORS.

Continued Success in 2022

Throughout this 10-year history, ComNav Technology is dedicated to being an innovator and leader in high-precision GNSS technologies and applications. ComNav Technology has more than 400 employees, and nearly half of the employees have extensive experience in high-precision GNSS or engineering. Owning more than 40 technology patents and more than 50 software copyrights, ComNav Technology continues to invest at least 20% of annual revenue into R&D every year to pursue the best of GNSS technologies and solutions for global users.

ComNav Technology always believes that quality, performance, and reliability make a difference. Every ComNav Technology product is subject to strict quality control and has been certified by international authoritative certification bodies.

With a dedicated team of people who are passionate about GNSS technology, ComNav Technology is committed to providing best-in-class positioning solutions for engineers and users with high-precision requirements.

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