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Avoid ‘Plug & Pray’ with a Performance Validated Hardware Platform

Feature Article by EIZO Rugged Solutions
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Avoid ‘Plug and Pray’ with a Performance Validated Hardware Platform

EIZO Rugged Solutions has collaborated with Atrenne and Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) on a technical whitepaper covering a fully integrated SWaP-C system already configured, tested, and ready for deployment.

The whitepaper, entitled Avoid ‘Plug and Pray’ with a Performance Validated Hardware Platform, covers the demand for pre-configured and tested hardware for system integrators and the high-performance components used in the system. From card-level GPU/CPU performance and system interconnects, to box-level cooling, this fully developed HPEC system features a 3U VPX NVIDIA GPGPU module and an Intel Xeon SBC, inside a 7-slot, 3U VPX chassis.

Download the whitepaper here>

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