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DMU41 High Performance MEMS IMU

High Performance MEMS IMU

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An affordable non-ITAR MEMS IMU alternative to 'FOG-Grade' IMUs for use in exacting motion sensing applications.
The latest of a family of High Performance IMUs (HPIMUs), DMU41 is another ground-breaking, non-ITAR, MEMS IMU for use in applications ranging from unmanned vehicle navigation to surveying and mapping.

Dimensions 50 x 50 x 50 mm
Weight 200g
Dynamic Range ±490°/s, ±10g
Bias Instability 0.1°/hr, 0.015mg
Bias over Temperature ±7°/hr, ±1.7mg
Current Consumption 125 mA @ 12V
Baud Rate 460800 baud