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Drone Inspection Software for Processing, Storage and AI-Based Analysis of Image Data

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Scopito is an efficient, intuitive visual data management solution designed to process large amounts of aerial inspection imagery captured by drones and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), assisted by artificial intelligence (AI). Featuring a 100% browser- and cloud-based platform for worry-free compatibility with any computing environment, Scopito allows you to seamlessly upload, process, analyze, share and report data, all within a single easy workflow.

With minimal loading times and high-speed operation, Scopito’s drone data processing software allows users to manage thousands of images, tag and annotate faults and points of interest, and quickly generate fully customizable, professional reports.

Drone Inspection Software for Processing, Storage and Analysis

Cloud-based drone inspection software for storing, processing, analyzing and sharing image-based drone data.

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Drone image processing and analysis

Processing & Analysis

Inspection reporting software

Sharing & Reporting

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Streamlined sharing and actionable insights

Images captured during drone inspections are safely backed up to the Scopito platform and can be easily shared with customers, repair crews and infrastructure specialists. Image geotagging capabilities allow rapid generation of location lists for further action.

Repair personnel can browse captured data and gain critical insights before commencing work, resulting in improved planning and savings on man-hours, equipment and spare parts. Roles and rights can be rapidly assigned to all your contacts, providing an efficient workflow for all personnel and keeping all interested parties in the loop.

Furthermore, Scopito enables the integration of AI into the workflow. Enabling AI is vital to assist in the tiresome task of reviewing tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of images and crunching them to locate issues that need to be fixed or monitored.

Aerial inspections data sharing software

Fully customizable drone data storage & processing

Scopito is a completely scalable solution, with upgradeable secure storage options available according to your needs. License options include per-image, per-asset, and full enterprise license. We also offer a white-label service, allowing you to seamlessly meld your own branding with Scopito’s powerful functionality and save the expense and hassle of bespoke software development.

Scopito also features the option of on-premise installation for users who desire full control of the platform. Scopito can be installed on your private servers to create your own state of the art in-house solution, and can be easily integrated with leading asset management systems such as SAP, ESRI and IBM Maximo.

Fully customizable drone data storage & processing

Expert data analysis

Customers have the option of sending their drone data to us, saving valuable time and manpower by outsourcing data analysis. We use a blend of highly-trained analysts and sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques to identify faults in your drone inspection imagery.

Our image analysis will curate the essential images from the thousands captured, speeding up the final process. We can also offer expert advice on enhancing the quality of drone-captured images.

Expert drone data analysis

Free 14-Day Trial

Try our platform, with full functionality, free of charge for 14 days.

Data Processing Software for Drone Inspections

Power Line Inspections

Powerline drone inspection software

As drone-based power line inspection becomes more common, Scopito is an ideal solution for handling, organizing and processing the thousands of generated images. Image geotagging facilities allow you to rapidly identify critical locations even across thousands of miles of power lines.

Power Line drone inspection software

Scopito can handle both RGB and thermal images, and can import and tag image data from any source, including older images. The insights gained from Scopito’s drone image processing make it easier to spot long-term issues and abnormalities, predicting faults and thereby the maintenance, which in turn results in improved expected lifetime of power line installations.

Wind Farm Inspections

Wind farm drone inspection software

Drone-based aerial imaging makes inspections and repairs of wind farms easier, more efficient and less hazardous, allowing for better planning of repairs, improved investment analysis and lifetime assessment, and a safer work environment for inspection crews.