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Propulsion Motors High-efficiency brushless motors for drones
Propulsion Motors

High-efficiency brushless motors for drones

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Propulsion Motors

ePropelled's high-efficiency and high-power drone propulsion motors feature a best-in-class thrust-to-weight ratio and provide enhanced cooling, longer lifecycles, and the ability to fly higher and operate in thinner air. Incorporating frameless stators and rotors, the brushless motor systems are assembled in the USA from high-quality materials and provide enhanced cooling and heat dissipation.

Our UAV motors are available with a range of power output options to suit a range of mission requirements, and can be paired with our intelligent air motor controllers or electronic speed controllers to provide a complete onboard electrical propulsion system for the most demanding of applications.

Electric propulsion motors


  PM100L PM300L PM600L PM900L PM1200L
Dimensions DxW (with/without airflow inserts) 99.2x33.7/99.2x35.6 mm (3.9x1.6/3.9x1.4 in) 122.2x48.5/122.2/44.4 mm (4.81x1.91/4.81x1.75 in) 149.2x59.0/149.2x54.8 mm (5.87x2.32/5.87x2.16 in) 149.2x69.4/149.2x65.3 mm (5.87x2.73/5.87x2.57 in) 171.1x69.3/171.1x64.5 mm (6.74x2.73/6.74x2.54 in)
Weight (with/without airflow inserts) 525/515 g (1.16/1.14 lb) 975/950g (2.15/2.08 lb) 1840/1790g (4.06/3.95 lb) 2600/2500g (5.73/5.51 lb) 3100/3000g (6.83/6.61 lb)
Continuous Power @ 6000RPM Up to 1549W Up to 2570W Up to 5784W Up to 3837W Up to 9099W
Max Power @ 6000RPM Up to 2068W Up to 3896W Up to 9458W Up to 12221W Up to 10523W
Continuous Torque @ 6000RPM Up to 2.46 Nm Up to 4.09 Nm Up to 9.2 Nm Up to 6.11 Nm Up to 14.48 Nm
Max Torque @ 6000RPM Up to 3.29Nm Up to 6.2 Nm Up to 15.04 Nm Up to 19.44 Nm Up to 16.74 Nm