Compact & Lightweight AUVs for Scientific, Commercial & Defense Applications
ecoSUBm5 & ecoSUBm25 500 & 2500 metre-rated small AUVs
ecoSUBm5 & ecoSUBm25

500 & 2500 metre-rated small AUVs

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ecoSUBm5 & ecoSUBm25

ecoSUBm AUVs are the next level up in power and payload capacity compared to ecoSUB Robotics'ecoSUBµ5. With options for 500 metre and 2500 metre depth ratings, the versatile subsea vehicles are one-person portable and can be operated from an extremely low logistical footprint, requiring only a laptop and wireless internet connection to conduct missions from anywhere in the world.

The versatile AUVs can be equipped with multiple payloads and are ideal for deploying a suite of scientific or survey sensors, and the 500-metre version can also be equipped with DVLs and side scan sonars. When equipped with an acoustic nano-modem, multiple units can be networked together for swarm operations.


Diameter 146 mm
Length 1000 mm (dependent on payload)
Weight in Air 12kg (with alkaline batteries)
Depth Rating 500m or 2500m
Speed 1 m/s
Range 65 km
Maximum Endurance 18 hrs
Communications Surface: Iridium SBD, Wi-Fi
Submerged: Acoustic, USBL (optional)