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Partnership for UAV Inspection Growth in Canada

Phase One has officially partnered with Measur for strong UAV inspection growth in the Canadian market, providing impressive image quality captured from the safest distance By Abi Wylie / 24 May 2024
Partnership for UAV Inspection Growth in Canada
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Phase One, a global leader of digital imaging solutions, has made a new official partnership with Measur, a leading Canadian unmanned technology provider. 

As Phase One’s Canadian distributor, Measur boosts Phase One P3 payload, featuring DJI M300/M350 reach in the Canadian UAV inspection market. This empowers customers to scale up their missions with excellent image quality captured from the safest distance to reach impressive levels of inspection productivity.

Phase One P3 Payload for Exceptional Productivity

Phase One P3 is designed to maximize the productivity of the most demanding inspection projects where time, safety, and image details are paramount for success. Ready-for-flight with DJI M300/M350 and ready-for-integration with MAVLink drones, the P3 boosts your inspection productivity through its ease of installation, superior data output, and uncompromised image details. 

Featuring a medium-format Phase One iXM camera with a sensor 1.7 times larger than other cameras, the P3 excels at capturing more details in each frame also under challenging lighting conditions.

Phase One P3 ensures:

Superior image quality capturing sharp detailed images in any environments including challenging and high contrast environments, enhancing the value of collected data and minimizing the risk of re-flights.

Superior efficiency by registering entire assets with a minimum of images taken, data processing is faster empowering customers to take informed decisions quicker.

Superior safety enabling to capture sub-mm-details of complex structures from a safe distance.

Wolfgang Richter, Chief Commercial Officer at Phase One, said; “We are proud to welcome Measur as part of our distribution channel. This strategic partnership not only strengthens our presence in the Canadian market but also reinforces our commitment to delivering unparalleled innovation and quality. 

“With Measur as our trusted partner, we are confident that our P3 payload will revolutionize the UAV inspection landscape, empowering customers to achieve new levels of efficiency and precision in their missions.”

Lukas Wilgosh, Vice President of Unmanned & Geospatial Technologies at Measur, added; “We are excited to join forces with Phase One to bring the P3 UAV Payload to our customers across Canada. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that optimize inspection workflows and deliver superior results.”

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