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Open Source Flight Log Analysis for Drone Diagnostics

Tiplot is an open source application for Windows and Linux that allows users to analyze flight log data and plot it in 3D By Mike Ball / 16 Nov 2023
Tilak Tiplot drone log analysis software
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Tilak.io, a specialist developer of desktop and embedded software for drones and robotics, has created Tiplot, an open source application for Windows and Linux that allows users to analyze flight log data and plot it in 3D to provide actionable insights.

Often, effective log analysis requires the keen eye of an expert and experienced user with in-depth knowledge of the system architecture as well as the in-flight behaviour of the drone under a range of conditions. Tiplot is designed to make drone diagnostics accessible to a wide range of users, allowing them to find the meaning behind the numbers and visualize the flight in 3D space. According to Tilak.io, the software has significantly reduced the time spent by the company on investigation, enabling them to isolate the root causes of incidents faster and more efficiently.

Tiplot can open logs in any format, including PX4, Ardupilot, QGroundControl, DJI, and CSV. A 3D representation of the data is plotted within seconds, allowing you to visualize the attitude and trajectory of the aircraft throughout the entire flight, along with 2D graphs. Tiplot data is also easily interfaced with Jupyter notebook or any Python code, providing virtually unlimited functionality.

Multiple logs can be opened, processed and plotted simultaneously. This enables the comparison of multiple sources of data, for instance the drone autopilot and the ground control station (GCS). It also allows users to compare parameters such as landing precision over different flight controllers, or to visualise changes in performance over temperature rises, varying levels of vibration, and other factors.

Intuitive log analysis and data representation

The following animation shows an example Tiplot analysis of simulated crash data, with local position data plotted against GPS position data. From this analysis, it can be concluded that the root cause of the incident was GPS failure.

The video below shows how Python scripts can be easily interfaced with Tiplot, enabling users to perform their own calculations on the data.

The open source Tiplot software is actively maintained, and new features are added regularly. Click here to find Tiplot on Github.

In addition to desktop tools like Tiplot, Tilak.io is also highly experienced in developing embedded firmware and software for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and robotic vehicles. Areas of expertise include customized autopilot and flight controller solutions, artificial intelligence and deep learning models for object recognition and obstacle avoidance, plus sensor and payload integration.

Areas of expertise include customized:

  • Autopilot & flight controller solutions
  • Artificial intelligence & deep learning models for object recognition/avoidance
  • Sensor & payload integration

To find out how Tilak.io can help empower your mission-critical drone applications and solve your unique problems, get in touch.

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