Deliveries of AUV With ecoCAM Begin

Planet Ocean’s ecoCAM module is a compact unit, rated to 2,500m and mounted in a custom nose cone, allowing the camera to be orientated downward for seabed imaging By Abi Wylie / 20 Oct 2023
AUV With ecoCAM Begins Deliveries
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ecoCAM is a brand new 4k video and still image camera developed by Planet Ocean’s ecoSUB team, fully integrated into the ecoSUBm5-Power+ AUV system.  

The camera system has been designed to provide extremely high-quality video and still images, whilst being an ideal solution for machine learning applications.  

A 1.1” Sony IMX267 global shutter CMOS sensor, coupled with a Computar fixed 8mm lens provides high resolution, high frame rates and noise free image reproduction (8.85 MPix (4096 x 2160 px) at 33.0 fps).

The camera is reportedly an underwater first, running with Subsea USBC data transfer, to provide excellent data speed for video encoding on a Jetson Orin Nano computer.

The ecoCAM module is a compact unit, rated to 2,500m, suitable for ecoSUBm-series AUV platforms, and is mounted in a custom nose cone that allows the camera to be orientated from forward looking to downward looking for seabed imaging.  Subsea lighting packages can be provided for low/zero light applications.  Onboard the company’s ecoSUBm5-Power+ AUV platform, the ecoCAM can be coupled with side scan sonar, DVL and acoustic modem for underwater coms and USBL, if required.

New users from the US and Germany intend to use the ecoCAM for machine vision applications, benefitting from the power of the Nvidia Jetson backseat computer, enabling edge computing. In one case the camera feed will be used with a navigation algorithm to pilot the vehicle into a docking station.

Planet Ocean and ecoSUB Robotics will be exhibiting at MATS in Southampton, in November this year. 

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