NATO Exercise Tests Commercial Counter-UAS Technology

Three hundred military, scientific and industry participants gathered to counter the misuse of small and widely available drones with high-tech solutions By Abi Wylie / 27 Sep 2023
NATO Exercise Tests Commercial Counter-UAS Technology
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NATO’s Counter Unmanned Aircraft System Technical Interoperability Exercise (C-UAS TIE23) tested high-tech commercial solutions used to detect, identify, and neutralise drones.

The exercise brought together military, scientific and industry specialists, and some 70 systems and technologies including sensors, effectors and jammers were tested live. 

Over 300 participants from 15 Allied and three partner nations, the European Union and the private sector gathered in the Netherlands to increase their ability to counter potential threats posed by the malign use of small drones.

The aim was to ensure that these high-tech solutions can connect instantly and operate together seamlessly.

The misuse of small and widely available drones has grown exponentially. Constantly improving the ability of counter-drone systems to operate together helps to strengthen Allied air defence and deterrence and defence. 

The exercise was organised by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) and hosted by the C-UAS Joint Nucleus within the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

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