Expeditionary Rapidly Deployable C-UAS Launched

MARSS' NiDAR X-Scout Counter Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) can be transported by pick-up truck, similar military vehicles, or air-dropped, and features cutting-edge cameras, radar and radio (RF) detection By Joe Macey / 28 Sep 2023
MARSS launches NiDAR X-Scout rapidly deployable C-UAS
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MARSS has introduced an expeditionary rapidly deployable C-UAS system, the NiDAR X-Scout.

NiDAR X-Scout can be fitted on the flatbed of a Land Cruiser, integrated on a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), or air-dropped. It can be dropped at any location and be operational as a stand-alone unit remotely controlled for a week or more.

Despite its small form factor, X-SCOUT retains all the functionality of MARSS’s NiDAR Expeditionary C-UAS systems, leveraging MARSS’ proprietary hybrid intelligence software and interface that fuses multiple sensors to detect, classify and neutralize threats quickly and accurately.

Some of its key features include cutting-edge cameras, radar and radio frequency (RF) detection capable of detecting a CAT2 UAS from over 15km away. RF jamming capabilities and a wide range of counter UAS effectors, including MARSS’ Short-Range and Medium Range Interceptors neutralize the hostile UAV with multiple countermeasures, controlled from remote or autonomously.

Frederik Giepmans, Managing Director at MARSS Safety & Security, said; “X-SCOUT is a rapidly deployable Counter UAS expeditionary system. We listened to the needs of our customers who wanted a rapid deployable solution operating completely autonomously (no local operator required) meshed into a network of other sensor stations with the same performance of the rest of our NiDAR C-UAS capabilities. An operator with minimal training can get X-SCOUT deployed remotely within five minutes.”

As the latest addition to MARSS’s NiDAR X product range, X-SCOUT joins an advanced range of flexible, mobile defense and surveillance solutions that includes the containerised X-JOC command-and-control center. Like its sister models, the easy-to-use, easy-to-move X-SCOUT can either operate independently as a standalone unit providing counter UAS surveillance, or as part of a mesh network, interfacing with a command-and-control center to provide additional coverage.

Frederik Giepmans added; “As a highly adaptable, flexible solution, X-SCOUT is able to support a variety of customer requirements. It can be used in forward operations, on the battlefield, or in a public space to offer complete protection against UAS. X-SCOUT is not only compact, but it’s cost efficient, modular, giving you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.”

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