New Gyro Stabilizer Gimbal for Motion-Sensitive Payloads

The RSM 50 provides real-time stabilization of movements in the roll and pitch axes of land vehicles, as well as angular movements experienced by sea vessels By Mike Ball / 25 Jan 2023
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Ruggedized Gyro-Stabilization MountHigh-precision gimbal specialist SOMAG AG Jena has introduced the RSM 50, a compact and cost-effective gimbal for unmanned systems that provides enhanced stabilization for high-quality and reliable data collection.

The electromechanical gimbal addresses the stabilization needs of customers who want to significantly improve data capture in a variety of challenging environments. The mount stabilizes in real-time movements in the roll and pitch axis of land vehicles caused by rough, uneven terrain, as well as angular movements of unmanned surface vessels (USVs) and autonomous platforms caused by sea swell. Advanced control algorithms ensure stabilization accuracy for best sensor performance and detailed image capture.

Stronger motors ensure precise levelling of payloads up to 40 kg. Despite greater performance and increased payload, the gyro stabilizer does not consume more power compared to its predecessor, and due to a modified mechanical design actually consumes less. In addition, the RSM 50 features an energy-saving mode for long-term applications where power supply is critical.

Additional features include extended diagnosis possibilities and a failsafe braking system to securely lock the payload during power outage. The new Ethernet communication interface allows for integration into existing networks as well as control and monitoring of multiple mounts within a network.

The stabilization platform features a weatherproof IP67 design and can withstand demanding conditions in salty, humid, dry and dusty environments. The multi-functional system is designed for a broad range of vehicular applications requiring stabilization of motion-sensitive equipment, such as antenna arrays, gravimeters, PTZ cameras, CCTV systems or other camera-based surveillance gear. The ruggedized mount ensures that the sensor always points exactly in the desired direction, and can be installed upside-down.

Sebastian Schreiber, CTO at SOMAG, commented: “The RSM 50 is backed by our 20 years of technical expertise in the development of Gyro Stabilization Mounts and close exchange with our customers, whose needs are at the forefront of the development process. Thus, the further development of the RSM 400 into the RSM 50 has led to an improvement in all important specification parameters.”

“It is impressive what a giant step forward we have made with the RSM 50. The mount offers a higher performance level, better dynamics and 3 times more torque than its predecessor. It can compensate for larger movements with higher angular velocity at the same time as higher lateral accelerations are imposed to the gimbal. This enables customers to succeed in their mission to capture crisp data even with increased G-forces caused by heavy wave slamming or by a sensor installation up high on a mast. Higher angular velocities result in the mount being optimally prepared for a deployment on fast vehicles or speedboats.”

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