New USV Unveiled at Euronaval 2022

Couach has unveiled the shipyard's first unmanned surface vessel the MAGELLAN USV at Euronaval 2022 By Sarah Simpson / 20 Oct 2022
New Unmanned Surface Vessel Unveiled at Euronaval 2022
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Couach has announced the development of the MAGELLAN at Euronaval 2022. With a length of six meters and a displacement between 1,000 and 1,200 kilograms, the MAGELLAN is the latest addition to the Couach Shipyard’s R&D department and the shipyard’s first unmanned surface vessel (USV).

The Euronaval 2022 exhibition demonstrates, once again, that the sea is becoming an area of hybrid conflict, between high and low intensity, for navies around the world. These navies are seeking to equip themselves with discrete and enduring platforms for intelligence, identification and surveillance

The MAGELLAN USV is designed to perform a variety of missions at sea including electronic warfare, information gathering, target detection and identification, surface and underwater surveillance and reconnaissance. To carry out these missions, the MAGELLAN is currently being developed by Couach around three main pillars:

  • Technological modularity
  • Excellence of marine performance
  • Practicality of deployment

Highly stable and designed with self-righting capability, the MAGELLAN USV features a composite, carbon and Kevlar hull and innovative diesel and electric propulsion based on the use of a 13 Kw microturbine.

Able to navigate for 5 days at a speed of 6 knots, with a reduced noise signature, the MAGELLAN has been designed as a modular technological platform, able to carry large payloads exceeding 500 liters.

The USV can be equipped with modules, allowing for example the deployment of acoustic buoys or ESM type modules, and the package includes a mission planning module and a control center – on land or onboard.

The MAGELLAN was designed to be easily transported in a container and is easily recoverable without assistance and without deploying a recovery system thanks to a retractable mast and lifting hook.

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