Unlocking the Potential of Certified BVLOS Operations

Download AURA’s Latest White Paper concerning the safe integration of uncrewed aircraft operating BVLOS within controlled airspace By Sarah Simpson / 12 Sep 2022
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AURA Network Systems has published its latest white paper, “Unlocking the Potential of Certified BVLOS Operations: The Value of Greenfield Aviation Spectrum.” The report outlines the standards and policies being developed to enable safe integration of uncrewed aircraft (UA) into controlled airspace. It also addresses the technological innovations necessary to meet those standards for certification.

As the paper notes, “The potential of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA)–also referred to as uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) or commercial drones–has sparked tremendous excitement and investment across the world. From a distance, Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) seems simple enough given that thousands of aircraft fly daily. But the process of remotely piloting an uncrewed aircraft reliably and safely from Point A to a point beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) is a task that requires an extraordinary amount of reliability, engineering, technology innovation and an unwavering commitment to safety.”

The company’s dedication to safety is emphasized by AURA President and Chief Technology Officer Tamara Casey: “Every piece of AURA’s network has been clean-sheet designed to enable operators using our network to assure regulators and demonstrate means of compliance with DO-377A and beyond. The performance. The reliability. The latency. Ultimately, the FAA is the North Star for this communications network built on greenfield spectrum–specifically for aviation.”

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