Advanced Detect & Avoid Capabilities for UAV Navigation’s Flight Control Solutions

Sagetech’s MX transponders and Iris Automation’s Casia detect and avoid systems provide the UAV Navigation VECTOR autopilot with the capability to detect uncooperative aircraft in its airspace and avoid potential collisions By Caroline Rees / 27 Jul 2022
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UAV Navigation is collaborating with Sagetech Avionics, Inc. and Iris Automation for the integration of transponders and real-time computer vision to improve the sense and avoid capabilities of its flight control solutions. 

Sagetech’s MX family of transponders and Iris Automation’s Casia Detect And Avoid (DAA) systems provide the UAV Navigation VECTOR autopilot with the capability to detect uncooperative crewed and uncrewed aircraft in its airspace and autonomously or manually take corrective action, avoiding potential collisions. 

These integrations enhance the operational safety of aircraft using UAV Navigation’s system and create a benchmark for the detection and avoidance of cooperative and non-cooperative air traffic in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) sector. 

Transponders transmit position and attitude parameters from an aircraft in flight to a local control tower or compatible receiver. Sagetech’s FAA-certified ADS-B IN/OUT transponder feeds the UAV Navigation flight control system with real-time information about a suitably equipped aircraft in flight so that it can be displayed directly within Visionair, the ground control station software. 

Iris Automation’s Casia computer vision systems leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms to detect surrounding air traffic, facilitating automated or manual deconfliction and the prevention of collisions. 

This collaboration enables direct compatibility with the products from the three companies and allows straightforward integration within a single, intuitive interface from which the UAV operator can monitor and control the mission. 

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